Multi-Function Jump starter 12000mah mobile power bank for 12V car emergency start

Mobile power bank UNOs iPower50
UNOs iPower50 12000mAh mobile power bank

Mobile power bank, Portable Jump starter charger
Jump starter power bank,  Notebook computer external backup battery.

Multi-Function Jump starter, Emergency motor-starter battery power for 12V car emergency start, charge for all kinds mobilephones, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5, and also laptop, notebook etc.
Starting current: 200A
Peak current:     400A
Input:        14V/2A(MAX)
Output1:   5V/1A(MAX)
Output2:   12V/2A(MAX)
Output3:   19V/3.5A(MAX)
Dimension: 160x80x33mm
Weight:    500g
Battery:   Li-ion Battery

Power bank Manufacturer factory in China

power bank

With the popularity of smart phones, more and more mobile phones due to lack of electricity, which also makes the mobile power popular.

UNOs power bank, a wholesale power bank manufacturers suppliers from China,Since 2007,transition from the battery to the mobile power banks production, and maintain annual growth of 60%. Power Bank Companies should also be attributed to all Apple, Samsung, ZTE released a variety of smart phones, the consumer buying ​​a mobile phone means one more opportunity to sell Power bank. Those smart phones to people around the world to bring a more convenient life, relying on smartphones and spawned a variety of industries, include Portable Power bank industry.

Mobile power producer need to produce better quality products when the market grow up, demand is strong in Europe and Asia.

UNOs concentrate on the good quality of products, and became one of the top experts in the industry.

Portable power bank 2600mAh UNOs i-Power05 power bank supplier

UNOs Power Bank 2600mAh

UNOs i-Power05 2600mAhExternal power bank 2600mah  with led light
power bank supply 2600mah capacity for smartphone

Power bank 2600mAh

Battery type:Li-ion Battery
Power capacity:2600mAh
*With LED light indicator function&torch
    1)  High capacity battery, High efficiency output.
    2)  Intelligent MCU controller, monitoring various operating status.
    3)  Over current and short circuit protect.
    4)  Long battery lifespan, more than300~ 500 times recharge cycles.
    5)  All function operate by one button.
    6)  Auto power off, make better use of battery energy.
    7)  Suitable to IPHONE, PSP, MID, cellphone, MP3,GPS and similar devices.
    8)  Small size, light weight and portable.
    9)  Packing size:18.5*12.*3.5cm

power bank

power bank for iphone

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About UNOs & JW Electronics:

      ShenZhen JW Electronics Co.,ltd.  (ShenZhen UNOs Technology Co.,Ltd.) is a high-tech enterprise which produces and manufactures of  portable power charger .UNOs has become an international competitive manufacturer ,it have been cooperated with CCTV as  promotion partners, and obtain the title of “china Famous brand”.
   UNOs insist on the rule “with the best quality and service to match the market” as our general guideline. Adhere to its high Leading technology and superior quality. Factory has established the special product research centers and manufacturing research center. with professional R&D department, we have worked many projects successfully and have done many OEM&ODM orders with many brand companies. We have many skilled technicians and engineers who have the ability to accurately transform your product concepts into high quality goods specifically for your market .
   Complying with all kinds of certification like CE, FCC, RoHS and having good logistics, Our products have been exported to US,EU, Japan and many other countries for many years.
   With the growing demand orders pressure by this strengthening market, in this Sept. 2013, UNOS Factory production area increased to over 10,000 m2 after main plant moved…
   The factory now boasts 8 professional technical engineers, 3 assembly lines of worktables and 2 assembly lines of power tools, to meet the output demand of Panasonic to the greatest extent.
   There are also professional testing and R&D labs.
   We firmly believe that you will be satisfied with our high quality products and best service. Let’s cooperate in the near future! 


CE Certificate of Compliance
CE Certificate of Compliance
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China Famous Brand
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FCC Verification
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CCTV COM Promotion Partners
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CE Certification
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RoHS Certification
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FCC Certification
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PSE Certification
More Certificates: BV, CCC etc...

UNOs & JW Electronics Sales Team

JW Electronics Sales Team

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power bank factory
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Power Bank Evaluation Specification from ZOL

Because the most important design power bank all hidden in its shell, and from the detection point of view, most consumers can not discharge its capabilities (such as curves, voltage fluctuations and other factors nominal life time discharge) a detailed understanding. So for the third-party media, how consumers see in detail the various mobile power output capacity and other factors is essential.

The following is PBZone power bank Evaluation specifications focuses on the detection of the test project:

  • ? The actual capacity batteries

Since the attenuation characteristics of lithium batteries has allowed to capacity with the use (or place) to increase the time gradually reduced, and due to the chemical characteristics of lithium batteries, allowed values ​​are nominal and actual capacity value appears on the product packaging or cases or less, but we are talking about power bank capacity vacuity is specific to the actual capacity lithium battery inside the packaging to be less than the marked capacity.

     While in use national standard 0.2C discharge test, the test was measured capacity mobile power pack internal lithium battery is greater than the nominal value, be considered a qualified product. However, because of their errors and their impact on the lithium battery testing equipment, we require mobile power pack batteries inside the tolerance value should be-50mAh. For example, a nominal capacity of 2200mAh power bank, after the actual test, in fact, the measured capacity batteries 2160mAh, due to this situation within the allowable error range, and did not appear xubiao situation.

  • ? Discharge curve test 

    Discharge curve test mainly the discharge curve, by looking at the discharge voltage curve to determine its output is stable enough, the actual output voltage is sufficient. Original USB charging adapter to the phone discharge curve as a reference, the more stable discharge curve, the better the output voltage of the more abundant. In addition, some fluctuations and erratic fluctuations in the power bank curve is also substandard products. 

  • ? Output Voltage Range 

    The actual output voltage is present for each output interface most mobile power pack when using the actual output voltage. Since the connection wire, plug wire resistance will cause the actual output voltage power bank declined, so in our tests, that under no circumstances (including no load), the ideal output power bank USB output port voltage range should be between 5V (± 0.5V), to be able to provide sufficient power to support the load equipment. But in everyday use, due to the interface and wire and other factors, the actual output power bank will be affected to some degree, so PBzone evaluation specification qualified power bank output voltage range of 4.1V-5.3V. 

  • ? Conversion efficiency 

    conversion efficiency of power bank is the ability to convert one product is good or bad judgment more important standards, high conversion efficiency power bank can provide longer battery life for users. Calculated as (actual discharge capacity × average discharge voltage) / (nominal capacity batteries × cell voltage) = conversion efficiency. For example a nominal capacity of 2000mAh batteries power bank, in the first case and obtain the actual discharge capacity 1000mAh 5.1V average discharge voltages of the two values, and is a single block of batteries, the method of calculating the conversion efficiency is: 

(1000mAh × 5100mV) / (2000mAh × 3700mV) = 0.6891 = 68.91% 

  • ? Available capacity than 

    With conversion efficiency, as also one of the available capacity than standard power bank conversion capability to determine, in order to allow more consumers to quickly determine a power bank, we use the concept of available capacity than to note that, available capacity than the need to combine the output voltage conversion efficiency and performance of a number of tests to determine integrated. Because the lower the output voltage of power bank, the last calculated ratio of the higher available capacity. 

  • ? Consumable test 

    From the power called from the loss in the power bank refers to a non-use state of the power consumption of its own, since the loss of electric power bank by the main core and the protective circuit board to determine the main circuit board, the majority of quiescent current consumption power bank very small. Since the purpose of the set target power is to prevent the occurrence of discharge of the batteries stored in the power bank over the process, because the lithium battery over-discharge capacity and service life will be affected, so that power from the power bank for the test is very important, after all, for some consumers, under its own power bank battery is low, the situation appears months or even long-term placement of six months or so is quite likely to arise. 

    Due to a security (A) = 1000(mAh) 1 mA = 1000 microamps (μA), and power bank from internal current consumption will be less than 0.5 mA, which is 500 microamps, so we require, a consumable power bank when the value is less than or equal to 150 microamps, are considered qualified. 

  • ? Batteries discharge protection 

    Due to over-discharge of lithium batteries (most voltage drops below 3.0V) battery will cause some damage to life, so for power bank for when the cell voltage drops to what extent, the internal limit circuit turns off the (Shutdown) is more important. Low voltage lithium batteries will cause damage and lead to excessive voltage settings are retained too much battery capacity, so that users can not make full use of its capacity. 

    Therefore the power bank, how to obtain a good balance between reliability and performance are important. On the whole, power bank shutdown voltage set between 3.2V-3.4V, is more reasonable, both to ensure that lithium batteries even leave enough headroom and storage time in the off state, and will not appear over discharge, but also to most of the capacity of the lithium battery output to the user device needs to be charged. 

  • ? Discharge heat test 

    For detecting powerbank reliability. Environment due to the use and storage at high temperatures, causing the life and performance of lithium batteries be some impact, and because users often talk about portable power bank in the middle of poor package thermal environment environment for mobile phones and other devices for charging. Therefore, the detection power bank at the highest point of the shell temperature discharge state, can reflect the product in the electronic component materials, conversion efficiency and thermal design, and many other disadvantages. 

    In this hengping all 30 tested product to, in the nominal discharge condition, the maximum case temperature of the product was 74 ° C, the surface temperature of the internal circuit boards and electronic devices even higher, a long time is likely to cause damage to the lithium battery life. Therefore, we believe that mobile power pack at the highest point of the shell nominal discharge status after the next hour the temperature should not exceed 60 ° C. unos power bank 

ZOLpower bank channel view: 

    In the eyes of most people, power bank is nothing more than a large-capacity backup battery so simple, but for the media, power bank far looks so simple. Compared to other products for, power bank has to do with the easy, good features, but it is difficult, after all, no parameters will affect the performance of the overall defect comprehensive ability. Only reliable quality, excellent performance and long life power bank has to be able to offer consumers a better user experience. As the domestic power bank industry is still a lack of standards and norms, so it needs to consumers, manufacturers and the media as we work together to be able to make this a more stable and healthy development of the industry continues.

power bank
Power bank 8000mAh unos ipower31
UNOs also good at power bank produce, worked many projects successfully and have done many OEM&ODM orders with many brand companies.

Company Name: Shenzhen Jw Electronics Co., Ltd.    ShenZhen UNOs Technology Co.,Ltd.
Operational Address: 4F,NO.27,HeBei Industrial Park,SanLian Community,DaLang North Rd,LongHua Town,Bao’an Disctrict . ShenZhen, GD, China (Mainland)
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Mobile Power Pack classification

power bank
power bank 8000mAh unos ipower31

    With the rapid development of the global economy, people's living standards continue to improve, portable electronic products is also increasing, such as laptops, tablet PCs, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable DVD, PDA, MP3, MP4, GPS, thermal equipment, healthcare equipment. They have to use batteries, but these devices wife battery because the battery capacity is low and will not meet the prolonged use of the device. When traveling for business or work time for the peak of these devices, often no electricity at the crucial moment the battery, especially when the phone is on the phone, a digital camera is taking pictures, PSP game when playing in full swing, PDA is working time, etc., so how helpless you feel very helpless. And you can not put each device is equipped with a backup battery, not only costly and inconvenient. Based on this, in order to solve the people of this trouble, Mobile Power Pack emerged.

Stylish compact, mini and fashion

     Mobile Power Pack appears, in this stage, no doubt eased the smart end-use electricity shortage problem, Mobile Power Pack is easy to carry, removable feature has brought us great convenience. Mobile power now is to carry goods, while ensuring product on the basis of capacity, how to reduce the volume of products, make the product more miniaturized, portable mobile power is one of the trends of technological innovation appearance! Secondly, how advanced industrial design, and even humanistic philosophy used in the Mobile Power Pack design, let mobile power feel more comfortable, more fashionable, but also the Mobile Power Pack technological innovation trends!

AC plug type

Comes with foldable AC plug mobile power - Folding Inline Mobile Power Pack: can be directly plugged into a household outlet charging for the product itself, set the charger Mobile Power Pack features in one, more practical and more portable.

Built-in rechargeable linear

   Built-in rechargeable mobile power lines . Mobile Power Pack for the user, in addition to charging for the digital products , users should seek Power Bank portability. So built-in rechargeable mobile power line came into being , with a built-in charging cable, users can no longer be found charging cable and adapter to worry about . Only UNOs made ​​built-in triple Power bank design patents and utility model patent certificate. This built-in triple mobile power products built Apple charging cable , MICRO and MINI charging cable charging cable , compatible with the vast majority of mobile phone market .

LCD Screen Display Type

    LCD display with mobile power. With the development of Portable Power Pack , users no longer tightly satisfied can be charged more users pursue safety and personality. Mobile power market has been part of the housing and the battery type and work hard to produce a mobile power supply with digital display . Such products are generally used pure cobalt batteries, lower power display errors.
Different types of mobile power core components, briefly speaking has two parts, one is the storage capacity of the media , the second is the other medium energy into electricity . So the batteries can be good or bad quality mobile power as a measure of one important criterion .

Wood Type

   Bamboo Power Bank, from an environmental designer , art, design portability and many other considerations . On the market for a further adjustment of the individual . Again to Power Bank industry to bring a new design philosophy. power bank was called Mobile Power Pack, mainly because portable, small and convenient. More and no less is sufficient . Bamboo power bank brand unos which has repeatedly been reported in the major sites . Personalized custom engraving era , whether gifts, or group of units customized gifts , have become the first choice.

  LED lamp type

   With LED lighting and with the charging function power bank, portable power bank which is currently the most popular on the market . Advantage is that this type of Mobile Power Pack capacity, but also easy in low light with LED case lighting, very suitable for professional mobile phone charger.

  With solar -type

   This type of mobile power a long time in the sunshine areas can be used, but generally not strong applicability . With solar panel power bank, in the course of charging by sunlight so as to achieve the purpose of energy supplement . Such Mobile Power Pack before the main application in the special forces and special industries. With solar panels on the civilian conversion rate gradually increased , also gradually popular.

Tablet PC -based

Tablet PC Power Bank, Tablet PCs have been able to basically meet the demand for office anytime, anywhere high efficiency , the use of too frequent , life is short , how to improve the use of time flat products , to maximize their prominent function of the problem was particularly important. Where high capacity 10400mAh mobile power tablet , and to solve this problem is for the best solution . Has a large capacity portable power pack, you can move anywhere in time for the state to provide a steady stream of energy flat products .

8000mAh power bank
8000mAh power bank  unos iPower31

Wireless charging power bank

Refers not plug the USB cable , do not connect the power cord socket , you can achieve in the outdoor portable wireless charging of mobile power pack. It has a great wireless charger essentially different .
Wireless charging power bank principle: In traditional mobile power , based on the increase in wireless charging capabilities. Is functionally equivalent to a power bank and the integration of a wireless charger .
Because wireless charging requires a sender and receiver , so in the conventional wireless charging mobile power mobile power transmission device is installed on the basis , while charging the phone must support wireless charging , with wireless charging receiving coil. Each of the sending and receiving end of a coil case of wired transmission side coil power supply generates an electromagnetic signal , the receiver side sends an electromagnetic induction coil to produce the signal current to the battery .

Capacity the better

    Since capacity is affecting the power bank using the length of time the most important parameter , so many people think , power bank capacity of the bigger and more but this time , search the internet mobile power your sales ranking , we can see those before capacity of tens of thousands of mobile phone pack are weak burst , frequently is twenty thousand or thirty thousand mA . Then , power bank , the bigger the better? More than ten thousand mA mobile power usually have 5-6 batteries we know , mobile power capacity and volume is directly proportional to the greater capacity , the volume certainly is. Therefore, the time to buy according to their needs , if not travel often, no need to take a " bricks and mortar" ran everywhere besides the phenomenon of virtual object on the market is still very serious ( how to identify fake , please refer to " How to identify false the power bank " an article ) , poor vendors deceived consumers with high capacity , while the capacity is far below the actual product label capacity , so for these large -capacity Mobile Power Pack not believe in ?

UNOs specializes in power bank OEM/ODM production, ShenZhen UNOs Technology Co.,Ltd. power bank supplier in china.

Is charging speed really important to you?

The popularity of intelligent terminals , making the mobile power has become a popular necessities of life. More and more consumers are choosing power bank , I know how to compare batteries , more capacity , or even care about the actual output capacity, but there is one , I believe, is that many consumers ignored , that is mobile power charger speed.

power bank as an external device , the functionality of their products is very clear - the emergency supplemental power, use of the product away from the indoor scenes are mostly scenes of life , such as travel, outdoor activities , travel , etc. , imagine , If a power bank, its capacity is sufficient , batteries also a-level , but the charging speed is very slow , power bank naturally greatly discounted convenience , this is like , driving a BMW walking in the cement on the road , they can not understand the feeling of pleasure .

power bank charging speed is mainly to see the mobile power supply output current, present, mainstream output current , 5V/0.5A, 5V/1.0A, 5V/1.5A and 5V/2.1A 's . Because each device required rated current is not the same , such as iPhone4S/iPhone5 is 5V/1.0A, iPad is 5V/2.1A. Suppose you give iPhone4S with 5V/1.0A Charging takes 2 hours , then if there is 5V/0.5A requires four times , or more. iPad is the reason , 5V/2.1A need five hours , then , 5V/1.0A require 10 hours or more, this was reflected power bank for different output currents bring convenience , but also a lot of people overlook .

Is charging speed really important to you ? I think that this is still very important, but the premise is , you can not damage digital equipment . Emergency situation, even in the wild, fast charging is a very important function. In the absence of these features, then this would not be regarded as a portable power bank .

Such as the above example , 5V/1A can be used in mobile phones , 5V/2A can use the tablet and mobile phone , which is basically enough , then a big mobile phone also can not charge electricity.

UNOs power bank by ShenZhen UNOs Technology Co., Ltd. Production of mobile power , the product passed the international certification , as well as many local Chinese certification is a trusted OEM / ODM partner. As , UNOs Power Bank services just as trustworthy.
power bank
8000mAh power bank UNOs ipower31

Large-capacity mobile power also sell cheap? Which must be something wrong

The rise of smart devices so that consumers have become "looking down Party", "Photo party ", no matter where, always like to look out cell phone or slap, will not speak of this habit is good or bad, from itself consider, these require electricity to support. As a smart phone with the new darling of the power bank bank needs of people came to market, but mixed, there is also a number of low-quality branded power bank products, has led to numerous power bankexplosion shocking.

Now look at the buying habits of consumers, prefer to buy power bankTaobao, Taobao I understand that as much as the nominal 20,000 mA power bank when the price of only two dozen dollars, so it is inevitable people doubt, it is really so low cost mobile power do? After that, I consulted the industry veteran learned that the so-called low-cost high-capacity power bankmost of them are hand-made using the batteries, and the internal circuit board is not designed to protect any security facilities, and, regardless of whether it to achieve 20000 mA capacity, first to put security issues in front of us, any reasons you have buy them?

Large capacity Power bank also sell cheap? Which must be something wrong.